Hyperthermia means a condition of the body where it produces or absorbs more heat that it can dissipate. Cancer cells are more heat-sensitive than healthy cells and their structure reacts differently to overheating. The therapy derived from hyperthermia has been further developed and is in use today as OncoTherapy, a therapy option which is highly sophisticated and extremely effective.

OncoTherapy has a damaging effect on cancer cells and supports chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy in its efficiency. This highly effective treatment will be applied externally to the body. It is simple, absolutely free of pain and without any side effects. As the whole tumor is warmed up only in the course of the treatment, OncoTherapy is a specific and very gentle therapy to be applied ambulatory in general.

In our practice we use the most modern equipment to apply this form of therapy, being considered as the "fourth column" in cancer therapy by the "Deutsche Krebshilfe, Bonn". Please do not hesitate to ask us for more details about this therapy option.